statistic quiz 01

Part 01 - What is Statistics ?

You are advised to watch the E01 video but it is not necessary. Read the following statement and try to answer the following questions.

“Let’s say that you have a small farm and you want to plant some tomatoes, potatoes, and carrots. In the beggining, you know that it will be a little hard to succeed to grow them. Type of fertilizers, insects, levels of humidity and other plant-enemy animals can destroy your little farm! Also, the weather can be against your plans: much raining or not at all, much sun or not at all. Therefore, you decided to read articles about farming and planting. Some of them refer some not very understandable statistical figures and numbers to you. Here is your chance to learn about what is statistic!”

*Note that in the end you will be asked to give some general information about you e.g. Gender, age (ranges). These information will be used only for general statistics.