What is Estatistics; Estatistics is a personal effort to:

A) Explain with simple words Statistical Concepts and which you can be informed through:

  • The Website itself or through the Social Network Pages (See ASIDE)

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  • B) I also Present:

  • An Analysis of My Dreams

  • Analysis of Music based on the way that this is changing

  • C) Statistical Services that are related to:

    As Estatistics, we can help U to Data Analysis in Student Level ( Bsc, Msc, PhD ), Research Level ( Surveys ), and Commercial level ( Human Resource Management – HRM ( Outsourcing ) ). You can contact us for Data Analysis that can be related to SPSS, AMOS, PSPP, R, SEM, GLM, Regressions ), Questionnaire Construction, and Private Lessons. Some of the Scientific Fields that we have involved in is Psychology / Sociology ( Psychometry / Sociometry ), Nature Care, Dietetics / Nutrition. We cannot analyze data that are related to Medical proffession.

    All Services

  • Data Analysis

  • Questionnaire Construction

  • Private Lessons

  • Create Latex PDF

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  • Data Analysis Level

  • Bachelor (Bsc)

  • Master (Msc)

  • PhD

  • Surveys

  • Commercial (HRM / Outsourcing)

  • Scientific Fields

  • Psychology / Sociology

  • Nature Care

  • Dietetics / Nutrition

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  • In Estatistics, we can help you with Data Analysis that is run in some Commercial Software and which these data analysis can also be executed to Open – Source SoftWere. Therefore, Data analysis that are run on SPSScan also be run to PSPP, Data Analysis onStructural Equation Models that are run on AMOS, they can be also run on Lavaan in R Environment. Data Analysis that are run on STATA or Minitab, they can also be run onR Environment. Data Analysis that are run on Statistica or on SAS, they can also be run on R Environment. Do you have any other Data Analysis ? Ask US!.

    In Estatistics, we can help you with Descriptive Analysis ( Percentage & Mean Analysis – Mean Plots / Q-Q Plots), Normality Assumptions ( Kurtosis / Skewness, Multivariate Outliers – Kolmogorov Smirnov Test, -Shapiro Wilks Test, Mahalanobis Distance, Cook’s Statistics ), Correlations ( Pearson, Kendall’s Tau, Cannonical Correlations ), Factor Analysis Exploratory Factor Analysis EFA and Confirmatory Factor Analysis CFA, Reliability Analysis, Validity Analysis, ), Structural Equation Modeling – SEM, Path Analysis, Moderation / Mediation, , Ηierarchical Linear Modeling – HLM, General Linear Models – GLM, Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Binomial Regression, Time Series, Parametric Analysis ( Ttest / ANoVA – Repeated measures / pair wise comparisons ), Non-Parametric Analysis ( Mann Whitney, Kruskal Wallis, Sign test – Chi – Square tests), ( Cluster Analysis ).

    Data Type Analysis

  • SPSS — > PSPP

  • AMOS — > Lavaan (R)

  • Stata / Minitab — > R

  • Statistica / SAS — > R

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  • Analysis Types Αναλύσεων

  • Descriptive Analysis

  • Normality Check

  • Correlations

  • Multivariate Analysis

  • Factor Analysis

  • Hierarchical Analysis (HLM)

  • Structural Equation Models (SEM)

  • Linear Models (GLM)

  • Regressions

  • Parametric Analysis

  • Non-Parametric Analysis

  • Data Tests

  • Anova / Ttest

  • Regression

  • Time Series

  • Repeated Measures

  • Cluster analysis

  • Reliability / Validity

  • Chi – Square tests