We construct any type of questionnaire for either qualitative or quantitative researches. Our ability is extended, but not limited to the construction of personality, aptitude, intelligence, career, survey, and just for fun questionnaires. These questionnaires can contain pictures, sounds, stories, open questions, multiple choices, Likert scales or other special psychometric features. Questionnaires can be ordered in an online or email form, excel or word form, or in a paper form. A questionnaire is useful to a wide range of researches, e.g. scientific use on drugs or patients, about elections, about asking opinions for a new chocolate or aroma.
Estatistics offers high quality questionnaires based on your needs, budget and aims. A new questionnaire can be constructed as follows:

  • By interviewing experts on the topic of interest, e.g. teachers and psychologists about learning disabilities, or creating focus groups.

  • By testing the questionnaire on a pilot group in order to understand how well the questionnaire performs in the real world.

  • By exploring the questionnaire’s type of reliability and validity.

  • By checking all words and phrases on the questionnaire, in order to remove racial, social or any other type of biases.

  • By customizing the questionnaire to your needs.

  • By creating, if possible, subscales.

  • By creating a high quality hand manual for your questionnaire.

  • By creating the best visual look of your questionnaire in co-operation with graphic designers.